Yul Edochie’s daughter removes father’s name from Instagram page amid family saga (Photos)

Danielle Edochie, the first child and only daughter of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, has caused a stir on social media after removing her father’s name from her Instagram page.

The move came amidst an ongoing family saga that has kept fans and observers speculating for days.

According to reports, Yul Edochie and his second wife, Judy Austin, have been in the news for a while, with rumors flying around that the couple has been experiencing marital troubles.

There have also been reports that May Edochie, Yul’s first wife, has been granted a divorce by a court, and awarded sole ownership of their mansion, as well as the custody of their children.

However, none of the parties involved have confirmed or denied these rumors.

Despite the lack of clarity from the family, fans have been paying close attention to their social media accounts, trying to decipher any clues about what may be going on.

The recent change of surname by Danielle Edochie from Edochie to ‘Dubem’ on her Instagram page has further fueled the speculations. Many have interpreted the move as a signal of a family crisis.

Danielle’s decision to remove her father’s name from her social media page has stirred controversy and elicited mixed reactions from fans.

While some have speculated that it may be due to the ongoing family saga, others believe it may be unrelated, and simply a personal choice by the young lady.

Yul edochie daughter

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