‘Stop Acting Like A Dog’ – Paul Okoye’s 18-years-old girlfriend iinsults him in public (Video)

Ivy Zenny, the girlfriend of award-winning Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, popularly known as Rudeboy, has raised eyebrows over a social media post about men demanding respect in relationships.

Naija News reports that this comes after the singer, shared a post via Instagram, stating that sometimes it is not all about love for men, instead it is respect that matters.

He wrote: “For men, sometimes is not all about love. Respect is all that matters”

However, his young lover, Ivy Zenny, seemed different from the views stating that any random woman can give a man respect.

She added that those demanding respect in a relationship should understand it is earned and also learn to treat others with respect too.

In her words: “Bro if that’s all you need, what’s the difference between your partner and any random person cause anyone can respect you. But there’s respect in love too.

“And those men that keep demanding respect up and down like their lives depend on it, hope you know it’s earned? Stop acting like a dog and treat others with respect too.”

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