“Please help me, I’m Dyingg” – Nigerian Lady cries out as her mouth gets swollen after applying Pink Lips cream (photos)

Beautiful lady cries out for help as her mouth gets swollen after applying Pink Lips cream. Every woman wants to look spectacular and attractive.

For this reason, many are wondering how to get pink lips at home. Beautiful lips, undoubtedly, attract the eyes of the opposite gender.

But it’s not easy to achieve this kind of result. So, this means you constantly have to maintain the tone by using lipsticks, pencils, and gloss.

This is not always convenient and there might be times that you are just not in the position to apply them.

In doing this, most people choose to use creams to get them this pink lips by simply applying it on their lips. Others also go by the natural ways by taking in fruits which can clear their lips.

Just recently, a video of Nigerian lady said to undertake a procedure to get a pinky lips goes wrong surfaced online.

In the case of this beautiful lady, she wasconvinced the cream will help her get the pink lips she always craved for but had her luck run out as it had an adverse effect on her.

After her lips got swollen, she was told the wound would peel off and reveal the pink lips but that is yet to manifest and the pain she’s going through cannot be imagined.

According to her, she has regretted applying the cream in a bid to get pink and cute lips and sort for help from netizens.

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