Nigerian man mourns his late fiancée who died one month to their wedding (Video)

A Nigerian man identified as @i_amLoveday on Instagram has mourned his fiancee, Emife, who died one month to their wedding, on her 2nd death anniversary.

He revealed she passed away in August 2020, just a month to their wedding.

He added that the last two years have been frustrating and depressing for him.

He wrote;

‘It’s two years without you. It has been the most frustrating, depressing moment of my life. I struggle almost everyday . Emife I want for thank you for, the true love you gave me. I want to thank you for your sincerity and honesty. I wanna thank you for taking good care of me. I miss your smile, I miss how we argue who will cook, I miss how we do almost everything together.

The 10 months we spent together has been the most beautiful moment of my life. I always call it BEAUTIFUL PAINS. The beauty and the beast . imagine leaving this life without TRUE LOVE. I am happy I found you, I am sad I lost you to death .our love is genuinely true and kind. For the 10 months we spend together we never waste a day without talking. We made it easy between us.

We have a goal our interest first, our happiness first. We were both innocent and real. You are an example of beauty with brains. I don’t lack ideas when we are together. We plan everything together. If a man a little of you in his life, he should be rest assured that his life is a safe arms. You have never let me down and have always surpassed my expectations. You are the most superb, supportive and devoted woman any man could ever ask for. Truly, thank you.

You are the most stunning woman I have ever laid eyes on.I must say you have true friends, Nkechi, @iamnikkylucy @__fayye @iam_setu and many of them. Despite you have been away for two years they still keep your memories with them and keep touching lives for your sake. As I always say to @alhaji_jagaban if I die don’t be scared to bring me flowers. The yeye boy too dey fear.. remember to look after your self and he CAREFUL. Lately daddy is fine I promise you I will adopt him as my father. He has been helping me heal. Be safe.”

Watch the video below:

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