Nigerian Man cries like a baby After seeing His Wife’s WhatsApp with their first son (Photos)

Marriage is very hard , it takes a lot to make a marriage work .But one of the things that have been knwon for breaking marriages up is cheating. Cheating can end a marriage no matter how many years it has lasted .

In most instances , men are usually the ones who cheat in relationships but a man got the suprise of his life when he saw his wife’s whatsapp chats with his son .see below .

From the chats above the wife had been cheating with the son of his husband .On the other hand the soan has been using his stepmother to get anything he wants from his father .

How does the husband deal with such a situation.Should he divorce the cheating wife and keep his son or should he disown the son who is not loyal .leave yourcomments down below .

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