Nigerian Lady Goes Down On Her Knees, Begs Boyfriend Of 7 Years To Marry Her, he said No (Video)

A young lady’s heart has been shattered after she took the bold move to propose to her man at a shopping mall, and got turned down in public proposal.

The botched marriage proposal
In a video that which emerged on Twitter and making the rounds on social media, a Nigerian lady who had taken a brave step to show her man that she wants to be with him forever, saw the man rejected her undying love.
The lady was seen in the video clip on one knee proposing to her man who rejected and tried to get her to stand up. She was also seen pleading with him to accept her proposal, all to no avail.
The lady had called on her friends and a guitar man to make the moment romantic, but they were left there awkwardly after the man rejected the proposal. The guitar man who was playing a tune had to stop and leave.
Someone was also heard in the background, asking why the man is dating the lady if he doesn’t plan to marry her.
The proposal was done at a mall and many of the people at the mall gathered around to witness the proposal.

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