Nigerian ‘big boy’ who sleeps on money wants to give N5,000,000 + Benz to any lady willing to be his baby mama (Photos)

A Nigerian-based Big Boy has showed off pictures of himself
sleeping in bundles of Naira notes on his Social Media, and has said
he’s in search of a lady who’d be his baby mama.

Identified on Facebook as Freeman Obg Owoboy he has said he’s ready to give any lady 5 million naira and a car worth 3 million just to be his baby mama..

He didnt’ stop there, he also said if the said “lucky lady” gives
birth to a baby girl, she’d inherit his multi-billion paradise.

He wrote on Facebook thus; “I need a baby mama after everything I

will pay her 5 million and a car worth 3 million. If you are lucky
enough to give birth to a boy, you will inherit my multimillion paradise

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