Meet Pete Edochie’s Wife, They been been married for over 50 years and they have 6 children together (Photos)

Josephine Edochie who is the wife of Pete Edochie is not as popular as her husband, a veteran and prominent actor in the Nollywood industry. Despite being a Presenter, she lives a quiet life and does not fancy social media. This has left a lot of people confused about who Pete Edochie’s wife is?

It is common to see fans asking who is Pete Edochie’s wife? In this article, you will get to know everything about the wife of the legendary actor, Pete Edochie, their children as well as information about Josephine Edochie

Josephine Edochie Profile

Name: Josephine Edochie

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Anambra

Marital Status: Married to Pete Edochie

Occupation: Lawyer, Broadcaster, and Announcer

Tribe: Igbo

Nationality: Nigeria

Number of Children: 6 (5 males, 1 female)

Josephine Edochie and Son, Yul Edochie

Personal Life and Marriage

Josephine Edochie who is popularly known as Pete Edochie’s wife was born in Anambra. She trained as a lawyer, announcer, and TV broadcaster. She worked at a broadcasting station where she met her husband, Pete Edochie, who also works there.

They get married in the early 70s and had 6 children, 5 which were males and a female. Josephine Edochie and her husband has been leading a successful life in their 50 years of marriage.

Josephine Edochie and Family

About Josephine Edochie Children

Does Pete Edochie have a daughter? As said earlier, the older couple’s marriage yields 6 fruitful children which include 5 sons and a daughter.

Out of all their children, the most popular two are Linc Edochie and Yul Edochie. Yul Edochiefollows in his father’s footsteps by becoming an award-winning actor. He also owns an acting academy where upcoming actors and actresses get trained.  Also, Yul Edochie is a known politician as he is interested in taking public positions in the future.

Linc Edochie like his brother Yul Edochie is also in the Nollywood industry. Although he acts sometimes, he focuses on writing and directing movies most.

About Pete Edochie

Many fans are always curious about who is Pete Edochie’s wife? Even though Pete Edochie who was born on the 7th of March in 1497 is a popular actor, little was known about his wife, Josephine Edochie.

Josephine Edochie Biography: Everything You Need To Know About Pete Edochie'S Wife?
Pete Edochie, Veteran Nollywood actor and husband of Josephine Edochie

Pete Edochie is not only a prominent actor, he is also a renowned administrator and broadcaster. He once worked as a broadcaster where he met with his wife and mother of his children. Of course, many do not know him as a broadcaster but as a popular actor. He rose to fame when he plays the role of Okonkwo in the Adaptation of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe on the NTA.

Below are some of the movies Pete Edochie has acted in with their year of release.

Pete Edochie Movies

  • Things Fall Apart” TV series in 1987
  • Rituals in 1997
  • Lost Kingdom in 1999
  • Narrow Escape in 1999
  • Chain Reaction in 1999
  • Living in darkness in 1999
  • Set-Up in 2000
  • Oduduwa in 2000
  • Terrible Sin in 2001
  • Holy Ghost Fire in 2001
  • Above Death: In God, We Trust in 2003
  • Love and Politics in 2003
  • Arrows in 2003
  • Miserable Wealth in 2003
  • Egg of Life in 2003
  • Billionaires Club in 2003
  • Honey in 2003
  • Coronation in 2004
  • Across the Niger in 2004
  • Price of Ignorance in 2005
  • Never End in 2005
  • No More War in 2005
  • Lacrima in 2006
  • Holy Cross in 2006
  • Living with Death in 2006
  • Fair Game in 2006
  • Greatest Harvest in 2007
  • Secret Pain in 2007
  • Test Your Heart in 2008
  • Heavy Battle in 2008

Rita Edochie and Pete EdochieRelationship

Rita Edochie is a popular Nollywood actress who is taught by fans to be Pete Edochie’s wife. The Nollywood actress has however denounced the rumor in an interview making the fans know who she is to Pete Edochie.

Josephine Edochie Biography: Everything You Need To Know About Pete Edochie'S Wife?
Rita Edochie, Nollywood actress and wife to Tony Edochie

She addressed the rumor by stating that she is married to Pete Edochie’s younger brother who goes by the name Tony Edochie. Hence, the reason why they bear the same surnames. Even though she stated that according to Igbo tradition, she is still Pete Edochie’s wife by family. Although Pete Edochie’s real wife is Josephine Edochie.

Final Thoughts on Josephine Edochie as Pete Edochie’s Wife

By now, you should have to know who is Pete Edochie’s wife and what the relationship shared by Rita Edochie with the popular actor is.

Only little is known about Josephine Edochie who is the real wife of Pete Edochie. It is obvious that she is not a social media person and she is leading a thriving life even with that.

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