Meet Nollywood Teen Actress, Mercy Kenneth And Her Father Who Is Also An Actor (Details)

Many fans have been asking to know if Nigerian born teen star actress and comedian, Mercy Kenneth is the daughter of Veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo or if Kenneth Okonkwo is the father of Mercy Kenneth.

Actress Mercy Kenneth aka Ada Eze describes herself as “Kenneth Okonkwo’s daughter” on her Instagram bio. This has made many to think that Kenneth Okonkwo and Mercy Kenneth are related.

Although Mercy is seen playing the role of Kenneth Okonkwo’s daughter in movies, but they are not related biologically.

Kenneth Okonkwo and Mercy Kenneth Movies: they both acted together in War Room, University of Tears among others.

Now to answer the questions:

Is Kenneth Okonkwo Mercy Kenneth father?

No, Kenneth Okonkwo is not Mercy’s real father.

Is Mercy Kenneth Daughter related to Kenneth Okonkwo?

No, Mercy is not related to Kenneth Okonkwo.

Is Mercy Kenneth, Kenneth Okonkwo’s daughter?(Details)

Who is Mercy real father?

Mr Kenneth Okonkwo (Pastor) of Global Update Movies Who is the biological father of Mercy Kenneth, the Nigerian comedienne and actress.

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