Man finds Out his house help has been carefully saving all his money she’s been finding in his clothes (Photos)

He revealed that he found out that whenever she washes his clothes, she keeps any money found in pockets in a safe place.

According to the man with Twitter handle @LesDramatic, all the monies the helper has been saving were put in a soap box.

The act impressed social media users as they urged him to give it all to her. But he instead took it to the bank to deposit.

He shared photos of the money recovered and wrote;

”My helper has been putting money she gets in my clothes in a soap tub”

man helper2

He added; ”Y’all are saying I should let her keep it like my money was lost

So I must give her my money coz she didn’t steal it? Ke confused

I started by collecting these coins and putting them in my drawer. She got the tub and started putting money I leave in my clothes in it.

Off to the bank”

man helper3

man helper1 2

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