Ken Eric’s Ex wife reveals he never touched her before, during, after their wedding (Details)

Interestingly, more details have emerged on actor Ken Eric’s marital crisis.

His estranged wife, Onyi Adaba, has revealed that the marriage ended because the actor, Ken Erics is homosexual, refuting claims that she already had a love child before the marriage.

According to the full details of what happened, the wedding ended on the night it wascontracted.

A source told SDK “Ken woke up Onyin and told her he didn’t want to be Married and that he was a man alone and didn’t need a woman and that the Marriage was over..She cried and cried and begged but he refused and left her behind n the Village when he was leaving…

She stayed back for a while and eventually had to return to her Fathers house where there was nothing left for her as she had sold up her business she thought she was moving to another location with Ken….

Ken and Onyin dated for only one month before they married,she has never seen him naked before..The day she took his Mother’s advice and tried  to seduce him to sleep with her,she got the beating of her life and she never tried it again’

In a chat with SDK, Onyi Adaba further had this to say:

” ‘I cannot talk now but all i can say is that there was no child before the Marriage of after it,they just want to soil my name,I swear on my unborn Children that i don’t have any child.

I have really suffered,I currently live in the Village because there is nowhere else to go…

Since the wedding night until he moved out,Ken did not touch me and I have only just found out on the Internet the reason why..He never touched me at all”…

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