Congratulations To Nollywood Actress Destiny Etiko As She Receives A Brand New Mercedes Benz Car As An Apology Gift From Her Colleague (Video)

Popular Nollywood Actress Destiny Etiko has once again received a big surprise of her life a brand new car few days after being pranked by popular Nigerian prankster Untouchable.

Recalled that Destiny Etiko and Untouchable got into a little fight because Untouchable played a serious prank on her, and she had earlier swore not to forgive or talk to him,


In a bid to get her forgiveness, Untouchable and his friend umbrella boy gift the Nollywood star a brand new car as an apology gift, on seeing the car gift, Destiny Etiko excitedly forgive Untouchable and quickly gave him a big hug and stated that she has forgiven him for playing with her emotions the last time.

Just at the moment that Destiny Etiko decided to test her new ride, a man From no were entered the car and drove off at Full speed the curious Etiko asked where he was taking the car to. Untouchable and his friend burst into laughter and told her the car gift was also a prank.

On hearing this, Destiny Etiko chased Untouchable with anger and told him never to come close to her.


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