Beautiful 24yr old Nursing Mother Dies After Husband Allegedly Abandoned Her (Photos)


According to friends who knew her story, Olachi Manndarin Emmanuel got married last year to a Port Harcourt big boy from Benue State and while she was giving birth to their daughter few months later, She developed complication with her pelvic bone.

This allegedly prompted the husband to hate her, beat her up before dumping her and bundling her back home to her parents house. Olachi’s condition worsened thereafter and she fell into a coma few weeks ago and all attempts to reach her husband failed as he reportedly warned the family to stay off his back as he has moved on. Olachi then died.

See what one of her friends Ben wrote on his Facebook page:

“I bleed and talk out of anger tonight as I watch a small innocent girl ready to be committed to mother earth at 24 years tomorrow being Friday and her daughter will be 1year by next tomorrow being Saturday .

To this wicked, devilish, stupid, heartless and a fool of a husband that took a girl of 22 years,married her and got her pregnant and returned her back sick to her parents and left her on a sick bed as a result of her breaking her waist during child birth,
u will die like her. u are such an animal and a disappointment to humanity. U were not forced to marry her and what u used to pay her back for the love she showed to you and left every other suitor for you is to return her back and never set ur eyes on the innocent girl for close to a year, note even when she was in coma for weeks before death.

U Mr. Benue man, u did dis cos she is not from Benue state and u work in the oil company in Port Harcourt and u have money, but let me without fear tell you that Vengance is coming cos God is ready to Avenge. U beat up the innocent girl even on clutches just for her to go, I ask when u married her, was she disabled? U abandoned an innocent girl that is not up to a year cos u want to have nothing to do with ur wife.

Legally married and wedded in the church. hahahahahaha I see the God of Vangance striking. Man u are very stupid for saying u can only give the family #30,000 for the burial of ur own wife.

Where have the love u both shared gone to? Why are u heartless, y did u kill ur wife and abandoned a girl that will be 1 year old by Saturday to wander in dis wicked world without the care of a mother. the people of Owerri west LGA of Imo state and the entire imolites must rise to get justice.

I will make sure justice is gotten. Above all u refused her to be buried in ur place, man I want to ask u, what on earth has this small girl done that can’t be corrected or resolved or settled or forgiven ? Why must u surfer her to die at this age? Finished university in 2014, served and married u in the same year 2015 and u wickedly killed her in 2016. Venngance is coming and God must Avange her death.

Rip MRS. Olachi and I wish your Dad is alive to prevent this insult and injustice to ur family,. My prayers are that the God of Vengance should Avenge ur death. Rip, I write with a heavy heart .good night Olachi Mandarina Emmanuel.”

All attempt to reach the husband for his own side of this sad story has proved abortive.

May her gentle soul rest in peace.

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