Nollywood Actress Lydia Lawrence Nze pens down emotional note as she welcomes second child in Canada (Photos)

Nollywood actress, model and moviemaker, Lydia Lawrence Nze otherwise called Lylaws has welcomed her second child

The new glad mum of two wrote down a profound note as she welcomed her second girl in Canada.

For every one of the tears, chuckles, delights, torments, fulfillment, expectations, cries, satisfaction, cries, fears, nerves, and every one of the different feelings she has experienced, gazing at her girl made it advantageous.

Describing her daughter as a perfect little angel, she welcomed her into the world with sweet words.

Sharing pictures from the maternity ward, she wrote,

Lydia Lawrence's second child

“Of all the things my hands have held, the best by far are you and your sister. For all the tears, laughters, joy, pains, happiness, cries, fears, anxieties, disappointments, satisfaction, anticipations, gratitudes, pleasures, admirations that I felt in the past 9 months, staring at you just makes everything worthy, perfect and beautiful. My perfect little angel welcome to my world. I love you with all of me and thank you for choosing me to be your mother. You will surely love it here with me and daddy. You can ask big sis and she will tell you more, if only she is not a little jealous already. I bless you my darling daughter and pray that the good God that started this beautiful journey of ours will see you through life and all it’s bearings. Fill my daughter, Good God, with Your love and Glory. May she know she is loved by You and by us, Amen”.

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Recall that in 2020, Lydia Lawrence-Nze had welcomed her first child, a baby girl whom she named Mercedes Start Chizigam Nze.

Sharing pictures from the maternity ward, the actress revealed how she felt when she first laid eyes on the baby.

She wrote:

“To my baby: Mercedes Starr Chizigam Nze,
when I was pregnant for you, and you were growing inside of me, I felt your heart in me. Your constant jumps and kicks reminded me of your presence and your willingness to come into the world.
Seeing you for the first time as you emerged, I saw a reflection of myself, your father and pure innocence that radiated from your eyes. I saw love.
In all, I give Glory to God for His faithfulness, seeing through your safe arrival and in good health to us all. We bless your life and commit you entirely to God Almighty. You will grow in Grace and find favour with God, men and women.
P.S. We slayed in and out of delivery”.

Lydia Lawrence's second child
Lydia Lawrence's second child
Lydia Lawrence's second childLydia Lawrence's second child

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