20 Photos Of Destiny Etiko That Proves She Is The Sexiest Actress In Nollywood (Photos)

If you’re not a novice on this platform I’m sure you must have seen the millions of articles showing off pictures of nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko in various revealing outfits and sporting one suggestive pose or the other. So by this point I guess even the most devoted members of her budding fanbase are probably tired of seeing our beautiful and immensely talented idol reduced to a caricature of curves.

Now I’ll admit that Destiny herself doesn’t make things easy for writers as a visit to her IG page will quickly prove that such pictures are the order of the day in her zone. However, the negative impact it’s having on her public image is severe as it’s a different thing to post pictures of yourself on social media (which everybody does) and another thing entirely, to have those pictures displayed as news – especially when that news is painting a not so accurate picture.

Anyone who doesn’t Destiny Etiko and hasn’t seen her movies would easily berate her and relegate her to the level of some other, less talented actresses who rely on their body or appeal to get roles.

This is obviously not the case with Destiny and all you have to do to believe me is to watch her movies and truly see her act, then you’ll know that there’s more to her than posting racy pictures or video online. Sadly, most people don’t have such an opportunity and instead rely on the easily accessible, trusted supply of information they can get on this platform, as such it becomes like a duty to at least post one or two sensible things, pictures or videos about not just her but every other female celebrity out there to show that these lovely girls are actually talented and they put in a lot of work to reach where they are today.

This would also go along way in helping to restrict the rising incidence of sexual harrasments and other related acts because as a writer, I believe it is within my power to influence – to an extent, so every post and article about the genuine quality of a misconstrued personality is my way of letting the world know that this person is more than one thing or the other but instead he or she is a paragon of qualities.

That is the way i see Destiny Etiko and to help you see her from my perspective, I’ve scoured the internet for the cooliest pictures of Destiny Etiko that aren’t racy or suggestive to bring to your attention that not only is she hot, she’s also lovely and there’s certainly more to her game than just curves.

Check them out below.








Curvy Nollywood star actress, Destiny Etiko, who is currently on holidays in London, United Kingdom has stormed the beach in braless outfit, wearing bikini. Destiny Etiko also travelled to Istanbul Turkey and went to the beach.

Bikini Photos of Destiny Etiko at Istanbul Turkey Beach

Fans and colleagues reacted to Destiny Etiko’s hot bikini and braless photos after she shared the new pictures on her Instagram page.


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